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    • Daily Rate Update: Mortgage Rates Break Cyprus Slide, Move to 2-Week Lows March 27, 2013
      Average Mortgage Rates TODAYYESTERDAYCHANGE 30 Yr FRM 3.60 3.64 -0.04% 15 Yr FRM 2.93 2.96 -0.03% FHA 30 Year 3.31 3.35 -0.04% Jumbo 30 Year 3.70 3.74 -0.04% 5/1 Yr ARM 3.01 3.00 0.01% » View Current Mortgage Rates » Compare Mortgage Rates Updated: 3/27/13 4:13 PM Mar 27, 2013 4:13PMMortgage Rates Break Cyprus Slide, Move to 2-Week Lows Mortgage rates moved […]
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Using the latest in cutting edge technology, Valcor Appraisals is able to consistently provide the fastest appraisals in the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Mortgage lenders, consumers, Realtors and legal professionals have depended on our local expertise for years to provide high-quality value estimates. By continuously keeping up with local real estate trends and staying current on valuation techniques through accredited courses, we’ve been consistently able to generate reliable home valuations for our clients.

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Hiring the best and fastest appraisal team doesn’t cost more, but you get so much more.  At Valcor Appraisals, we know that quick turn-around time is important to our clients.  One way that our company completes appraisals so quickly is the cutting edge technology that we use.

Here is just one example of many: Our cameras are equipped with “Eye-Fi”.  Eye-Fi is a memory card that allows us to automatically and wirelessly upload photos as soon as we take them. The “old way” is for the appraiser to go to the property, take pictures, then go back to the office and finish the appraisal.  Instead, using Eye-Fi, we are able to have one of our team members take the photographs, they are immediately sent to our office, and we can begin the finishing work on the appraisal immediately — saving you time!

TIME Magazine‘s technology department chose Eye-Fi as one of the top 100 greatest and most influential gadgets from 1923 to the present day.  This is an example of the kind of tools that we at Valcor Appraisals work with.

Again, hiring the best doesn’t cost more, but you get so much more.  Faster turn-around times than our competitors is just one more reason to choose Valcor Appraisals over the competition.